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I rented a car from this company, and since i have refused the accidental and lost insurance coverage insurance from this company when i returned the car they look all over the car just looking for an excuse to charge to me an extra money, finally they found a little scratch on the front of the right side caused as per my opinion for a road debris or pebble, they charged me $ 600.00 pesos for it, they said that little scratch not longer than 1/2" wasn't there, hard to say it was or not, was so little, even do, cars are not suppose to get scratches for this reasons? i will understand this exaggerated attitude if they have give to me a zero paint defects car, but this care was full of scratches on the rear bumper, all the tires covers, front bumper, etc, etc.

This is only an excuse to overcharging, is a lie that they will repair it, proof of it are all the other damages on this car, how will be your feeling as a customer if they said to you that there is a little scratch on the paint that wasn't before but you don need to be worry about it, feel great and for sure you will back one more time, but with this deceitful technique they are loosing customers only.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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