My daughter rented a car in Seattle in September of 2011. When she arrived it was dark and they gave her a black car that was different than what she reserved. It was a black Ford Explorer. The next morning she went to return it and they pointed out a white 8 inch scuff mark. They tried to pry it out of her what kind of accident she had and she said I was never involved in an accident. To make a long story short we just received pics of major damage different from what they showed her and they have billed us and our insurance company. They have misstated facts that she gave them, pulled her credit, charged for down time of the vehicle but yet wont prove it, wont show her if the car was actually got fixed and now is trying to collect on many other fees in regard to this.

I personally rent car cars almost every month in my weekly travels and have never experienced anything like this. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing from Fox Rental Cars?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox Rent A Car Car Rental.

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They love claims..... they dont train there employees on this and most of the time are bogies claims


Same thing happened to me in San Jose, CA. They're charging me $350.00 to buff out a scuff on the rear bumper!

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