Wow. Where do I begin? This is BY FAR the absolute WORST experience I have ever had with any business EVER!

My mother-in-law booked a minivan and a mid size car from Fox Rent A Car via RentalCars.com for our group of 11 to travel from Denver to Snowmass. The reservation was made months in advance. When we got to Fox, we had to wait in an enormously long line- for about an hour- to find out that they did not have the minivan that we had reserved. The agent said that we had cancelled the minivan on Dec. 13....what? no we didn't. They blamed it on the 3rd party rental company (RentalCars.com). So, 11 of us, with duffels full of ski clothes, are going to fit in a mid size car? Of course not. The agent said he would be happy to rent us 2 additional cars (for a much higher price). In our panic, we rented one extra car and my sister-in-law was able to find a minivan at another establishment.

As we were leaving Fox, we did a walk around the cars, checking for bumps, scratches, etc. with an agent. Everything was marked and we were on our way towards Snowmass. I was the driver of the standard car- a Hyundai Elantra- with our 2 children. As we began heading into the mountains, I noticed a funny sound and the car wasn't driving too smoothly, but I figured it was ok. We stopped for lunch about an hour into the drive and I mentioned the sound to my husband (who was driving his parents in a different car). We checked it out and noticed that the car's tires looked really worn...bald almost. Scary, but what were we going to do? I continued the drive after lunch, going very carefully up and down the mountains. Fortunately, the weather was fine and the roads were clear. When we arrived in Snowmass, I needed to drive up a steep road to get to our home, and I slid backwards. With some guidance and after removing all luggage from the trunk, I was able to get it up the hill. We left the car parked in the driveway the rest of our stay.

Our house reservation was Sat. to Sat., but we noticed that there was a Winter Storm Advisory for Saturday. We opted to leave on Friday afternoon, to avoid driving the crappy car over Vail Pass in the snow. The drive, even without the winter storm, was scary. The car fishtailed many times as we were heading through the higher elevations. We stayed in a hotel outside of Denver. We woke on Saturday morning to a winter wonderland- beautiful snow. My husband, our 2 kids, and I decided to leave the hotel before the rest of the group so we could take the car by a tire place to get the treads checked out- as we were even more convinced that there was something seriously wrong with the tires. We wanted documentation to show Fox that they had given us a crappy car. Once we got on I70, it was clear that we should not be driving the car. We drove about 25 mph in the cleared right lane, slightly sliding, but ok...until 3 snowplows came up behind us. Two of them sped past us, dumping slushy sludge in front of our already unstable car. The other was right behind us. We tried to move into the cleared lane to the left, but the with no traction with our bald tires, we did a 360 in the middle of the interstate, sliding back in front of the snowplow and towards the guardrail. The snowplow (plow part) stopped INCHES from the door where our 9 year old daughter was sitting. We were several feet from the rail the protects us from a steep drop.

The snowplow driver protected us from oncoming traffic by blocking us with his vehicle. He called another driver to sand a path in front of us so we could move. We eventually got off the interstate and onto a slightly less busy highway where we were able to pull to the side and feel a little safer. Fox's Roadside Assistance number was either busy or we got music while we waited, only to have the call dropped and then a dial tone. We used our AAA card to get towed to Firestone where it was confirmed that the left rear tire's treads were so low that it was illegal to drive it. The other 3 tires were almost as bad. We continued to try to get in touch with Fox (same issues as before), but did finally get a human. We informed her that we were leaving the car at Firestone where they could pick it up with or without new tires. The lady had the nerve to say that we couldn't leave it there! She said they would charge us or sue us for abandonment of the car!!!! Whatever. We left it and got a ride to the airport with the rest of my husband's family (whose regular cars- not 4 wheel drive or anything) had no trouble driving on the roads.

My husband and his mom dealt with the return of the midsize car and managed, after a very long, heated discussion to get our money refunded for the car (though I won't believe it until I hear that the credit card has been refunded).

Fox Car Rentals suck. They are running a scam, canceling reservations to get you to rent more cars for more$. Their customer service is non-existent & cars are unsafe.

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