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Somebody said he does understand why people are so pissed off at Fox Rent-A-Car. I would venture to guess he either works for the company or has never actually rented a car from these shysters. We booked a car through Travelocity for a guaranteed price, but when we got there they were extremely rude and pushy trying to up-sell us to bigger vehicles, higher insurance rates, you name it. They even lied saying our VISA would not cover the insurance (which is does) or that my wife would be unable to drive it unless we bought their insurance (which is not only pure nonsense, but would have cost more then the actual car rental). By far it was the worst experience I have ever had renting a car.

Most places you walk in, get the keys and walk out. Not with Fox. There was not another customer in the place and it still literally took us an hour before they would quit leaning on us to take an SUV, buy additional insurances or add additional features and actually "do the deal" on the car we booked. After awhile I was starting to get totally pissed off and ended up saying "look, just let me have the car and get out of here, I really, really do not want this other ***." Then, when they printed out the invoice, it was much higher then the price I had booked it at. I argued with them and flat out refused to pay until they honored the Travelocity total price. At that point they said "sure, we'll adjust the invoice and reprinted it." Today, looking over my VISA statement, I find that they went ahead and charged my card at the higher rate anyway. What ***!

To top it off, the car is in poor repair and handles very badly. It obviously needs some front end work. Also, it appears that they had rented it to a heavy smoker and the whole vehicle reeks and the interior windows are glazed with a sticky haze (from the tobacco smoke). They did perfume the heck out of it, but that just made the smell worse. So now we're driving around in this smelly overpriced wreck that pulls to the right and somebody says they can't understand why people are so pissed off at Fox Rent-A-Car. Get real dude.

Oh, and another weird issue. We waited at the airport for well over an hour for their shuttle (all the while watching ALL the other rental car shuttles go by like clockwork every 10-15 minutes. Part of their rational for not honoring the price booked through Travelocity was because "we were an hour late picking up the car." I nearly came unglued when they came up with this one. I told them "you've got to be fricken kidding me - we are an hour late because your shuttle was late and you want to charge us?" DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. RENT FROM ANYONE ELSE BUT THIS COMPANY!

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